Ruth Magnusson

BA (Psych), Dip Ed, Dip App Science (Psych). Dip Hypnotherapy

Registered Psychologist

(03) 9481 3903

Ruth works as an experienced, neuroscience-informed clinician in the NeuroFrontiers Clinic. She has particular interest and experience in ADHD and provides ADHD Coaching. Ruth is also an experienced supervisor/trainer and she works as a facilitator in the NeuroFrontiers Professional Development & Consultancy team.


Ruth is a senior psychologist with extensive and long-standing experience across forensic, rehabilitation, justice, education, public sector and private practice settings. Ruth has acted in a variety of roles from CEO to leading clinical teams and designing live-in therapeutic programs with clients who have experienced trauma and dual diagnosis. Ruth has significant knowledge of the neurobiology of trauma and has additional training in various modalities of neuroscience-informed therapeutic work including somatic psychotherapies, EMDR and Brainspotting. Ruth’s approach is supportive, generous and detailed, encompassing all aspects of the person and she has a particular interest in ADHD coaching. Ruth works as a clinician in NeuroFrontiers Clinic and also as part of the NeuroFrontiers Professional Development and Consultancy Team.