What NeuroFrontiers Clinic offers

NeuroFrontiers practitioners utilise latest, research informed applied neuroscience which complements existing therapeutic approaches. The human brain is the most highly complex system known to exist. Neuroscience research is advancing quickly and is informing our evolving understanding of the brain and neuroplasticity. This is providing a foundation for the exciting applied neuroscience arena that works to create change in our behaviour, biology and performance.


Somatic Experiencing

Acceptance Commitment Therapy

Emotion Focussed Therapy


Schema Therapy

NeuroFrontiers practitioners work directly with what science is discovering about the human brain and applying the principles to bring a change in behaviour, biology & performance.

Solution Focussed Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Trauma Informed

Internal Family Systems



Applied neuroscience can be used to :

  • deepen relationships
  • create wellness
  • enhance existing performance and functioning

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