What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback has been around for the last 40 years and was originally devised by a clinical psychologist. It is a brain and nervous system training device and is not a form of "treatment" or "therapy". Our brains are neuroplastic and we are wired to be able to adapt to our environment. We are able to train our brain and nervous system to become more regulated and balanced. Nothing is put into the brain (no electricity, strong frequency or vibration, or light/sound) during the neurofeedback process. It is non-invasive, non-intrusive, and safe for use with both adults and children.

Neurofeedback is an EEG (brain-wave measurement) form of biofeedback. The Neurofeedback device has been used worldwide (in over 23 countries) for over 20 years across 3 million hours of use. Neurofeedback is a time-tested, safe, and effective brain training system. It takes multiple, very precise readings of your brain-waves and then gives information/feedback to your brain about what is happening. We have often become conditioned to being more on alert (or "stuck on ON") than what we need to be. The Neurofeedback device is designed to read the very early signs of when your brain is beginning to go into a higher level of stress or readiness to react to the environment. Neurofeedback gives information to the brain about the early signs of stress, via a head-set that is playing music, where your brain registers very faint scratching noise interruptions in the music. Once your brain registers this, your brain itself is able to readjust itself to a more relaxed state. In this way, Neurofeedback assists your own brain to retrain itself to a more regulated state and to be less unnecessarily stressed.

Nothing goes into or comes out of the brain, your brain is training itself. It is your brain itself that is doing all the work. One of the most significant possible benefits of neurofeedback is to gain flexibility and resilience. That is, to improve our brain’s ability to flexibly respond to stress in our environment. Neurofeedback reminds the brain to self-regulate or “re-adjust” itself in an optimal way, to the external environment.

What happens in Neurofeedback Sessions?

During sessions, your technician will place and attach 5 sensors at various places on the scalp and ears,using a conductive paste. All technicians at NeuroFrontiers Biofeedback Clinic, are trained in neurofeedback.

Once attached, you will be given earbuds (or headphones) to place in your ears allowing you to hear the music and “feedback”. You may bring your own earbuds if you wish. The session will go for approximately 40 minutes. During the session, you may relax, draw, read or meditate. Your brain will do its own work without you needing to place conscious attention to it. During the session, you will hear slight interruptions (or what sounds like static) in the music. These interruptions are Neurofeedback's way of drawing your non-conscious attention to the process. On the monitor/screen you will see random visualisations which you can choose to view, or not

Who is Neurofeedback Useful For?

  • Neurofeedback is not a treatment, it is a brain training device.
  • The training is used for literally anyone who is wanting to retrain their brain to more regulated, and optimal functioning. It is often used as a regulation training tool as an adjunct to therapy, as well as being a brain training tool for those wishing to optimise their performance in sports, study, the workplace, or with the intention of improving attention and focus.

What Are the Potential Benefits?

Every brain and nervous system are different and unique. The benefits of neurofeedback cannot be guaranteed and will vary from individual to individual. Neurofeedback will work at the pace of your own unique brain. Some reported benefits have included:

  • Assistance with sleep hygiene and management
  • Reduced restlessness
  • Improvements in being more present
  • Gradual improvement in mood and feeling more internally balanced

  • Reduced impulsiveness
  • Assists with confidence and being in your “flow”
  • Ability to stay focused for longer and noticing visual and auditory details more

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Information to date indicates that many people notice gradual benefits within about 6 x sessions and notice optimal benefits at 10 x sessions. It is recommended for longer-term benefit, that a further 10 x sessions are undertaken (total of 20). Standard recommendations are for 20-30 sessions however, every individual and their response to neurofeedback varies. Many who have used Neurofeedback longer-term, report benefit from having “top-up” sessions from time to time to keep up their brain fitness.

What is the Cost of Using Neurofeedback?
Please contact us for costs per session and/or session packs.
How Do I Refer in for Neurofeedback?
A. Register your Interest

Send us an email, text or let us know in person that you would like to refer into our Biofeedback Clinic. You will need to register with our Biofeedback Clinic, arrange payment for your sessions and sign neurofeedback consent forms.

B. "Set- Up" - Goal Setting Session (20 mins)

You will attend a brief session with a Biofeedback Trainer from our team to set goals for what you would like to gain from your neurofeedback sessions. This will be integrated in your first session which will be of 1 x hour duration. Prior to this session, you will be sent various measures and questionnaires that will be used to track your progress at various points. This information will be used as a basis for future check in's which will be planned to occur following 6, 10 and then again at a further 10 x sessions.

B. "Check-In" - Review Session

This occurs following 6 x sessions and then at 10 x sessions. You will touch base with the Biofeedback Trainer to review how you are tracking you will be sent measures and questionnaires prior to this session to assist with tracking your progress.

How do I make Contact to Register My Interest?

Please contact us via email or text us via our Power Diary system. We have significant interest in our neurofeedback and there may be a short wait before you are able to start your sessions. As soon as you register your interest you will be asked to register under our Biofeedback Clinic and you will then be on our waitlist and we will initiate the process with you soon after.

Is there anything else I should know about the Process?

You will be asked to fill out evaluation and progress tools as you progress through your individualised neurofeedback plan.

Please let us know if you have any interest or would like further information.